The 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge

Love is a journey, not a destination. Explore your partner's inner world while learning the skills to deepen your emotional connection in just 7 days.

Love is a journey, not a destination...

    Unfortunately, many of us stop exploring on our journey of love and find ourselves stranded. After one year, seven years, or maybe after a decade of relationship together, we find ourselves having to pull over to the side of the road. Seemingly, our tank is empty; we've run out of gas:

  • “We don’t have interesting conversations and I’m not sure how to spark that. I don’t know how to get back to where we were when we first met.”
  • “I’ve been married for 15 years and my husband says he isn’t “in love” with me and feels we are roommates. How can we reconnect?”
  • “My wife and I express ourselves completely differently so we have a hard time understanding each other.”
  • “Since I don’t feel emotionally connected with him, I struggle to want to connect with him sexually.”

Telltale Signs of Weak Emotional Connection

Traits of a Strong Emotional Connection

Weak emotional connection comes from getting stuck on relationship obstacles, like:

  1. Sinking in Quicksand: You're slowly sinking and desperately in need of attention from your partner. Instead, you feel invisible, lonely, and scared in your relationship. No matter what you try, it seems you just sink deeper and further away from your partner.
  2. Never Ending Thunder Storm: Your partner is critical of you. You feel like nothing you do is ever right to them. It feels like the sun never comes out, and what you need right now to get by, is just a little light.
  3. Blown Tire: The car of your relationship has blown a tire, but instead of repairing the tire you start arguing with each other about whose fault it was.
  4. Frozen: Your sex life is practically frozen or, perhaps, completely non-existent. There's no emotional warmth in your relationship.
  5. No Shelter in the Storm: You've got work stress, health issues, or other life stressors. You feel your partner doesn't care—about these problems, or even about you. You feel emotionally abandoned.

Strong emotional connection leads to the following experiences, on your journey together:

  1. Adventure Buddy: When something comes up, you know your partner's got your back. You're teammates, not antagonists, against any problems in your relationship.
  2. More Sunshine: Sure, you have rainy days together, but you and your partner are affectionate, understanding, and can even laugh during conflict. This is because your relationship's built on strong emotional connection.
  3. Repair Flat with a Spare: When something goes wrong in your relationship, you focus on finding solutions; on repairing the problem; on getting back on the road to lasting love.
  4. Cozy Fires and Snuggles: When you have sex, it's like cuddling near a fire with your lover. There's an emotional warmth that makes romance last through difficult times, during life stressors, and through major life changes.
  5. A Safe Shelter: You feel intimately known by your partner and deeply loved. When together, it feels like home.

It's not obstacles that cause a relationship to fail. It's actually the lack of strong emotional connection with your partner.

You can learn the necessary skills to deepen and strengthen your emotional connection to each other, though, in just 7 days.


The 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge

Over these 7 days, I’m going to teach you exactly how to deepen your emotional connection to each other.

Each day, you will get an adventure from me, with the following:

    • An audio recording, with step-by-step instructions explaining how to improve the emotional connection in your relationship
    • A powerful relationship tool to emotionally, intimately, and authentically connect with your partner
    • A PDF version of the day's tool, which you can customize specifically for your relationship

The Itinerary

Day 1: The Archaeologist Adventure Study the history, and dig into the future dreams of your lover, through questions that uncover the artifacts of who they really are, deep down.

Day 2: The AAA Travel Agency As your agent, I'm signing you up for a guided thrill ride into the wild jungle of affection and love.

Day 3: Learning the Language of Love Start learning to speak your partner's love language during this 15-minute workshop.

Day 4: Sightseeing Pause to notice all the beautiful moments that happen and how to savor each and every one.

Day 5: Sunset Walking Walk in the sunset of deep listening and heartfelt understanding with your partner.

Day 6: Play Date Have the time of your life laughing, goofing off, and acting like two kids without a care in the world.

Day 7: Returning Home Happens Every Day As our adventure comes to a close, learn how to maintain a strong emotional connection to your partner, every day.

At the end of each day's adventure, you'll be given optional materials to further explore the skills we've covered. I encourage you to use these to go even deeper together.

Over this 7 day journey with me, watch as the emotional connection between you and your partner, grows, deepens and strengthens the love bond you share with each other.

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Don't Just Take My Word For it

More than 200 couples have already taken the 7 Day Emotional Connection Challenge and experienced deeper emotional connection with their partners. Here's what they're saying:

Major breakthrough, with the exercise on how we each experience emotional connection. It turns out, it's so different for each of us. Big "Ah-hah's!" - Barb

If you want to find out how well you really know your partner, try this relationship challenge! - Mary

The 7-day challenge allowed my husband and I to reconnect in ways that we haven't in 18 years! Thank you, Kyle :) - Stacey

This fun and engaging challenge will boost your relationship! - Erik

This course is very positive, and with impactful, short exercises! - Danielle

Fantastic Course! A Must-Do! - Nelson

Thank you! My husband and I agree we got more out of just one hour with you and your guided activities than we have in four hours of recent couples counseling! I am so pleased we took this challenge. - Natalie

It was great to just set aside time, with no distractions or household tasks to do, and to get to chat about things we wouldn't have otherwise talked about. - Annett

My partner is a bit of a “never-read-a-self-help-book-and-I-am-not-going-to-start-now!” kind of person. But, he has really been getting into this 7-day adventure! - Martine


Your Adventure Guide

Hi there. I'm Kyle Benson, the creator of The 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge. I've spent the last 8 years immersed in the study of what makes love last — interviewing researchers, consulting experts in this field, and experimenting with my own concepts and strategies, to develop simple, straight-forward, practical, and highly effective tools to help couples build better relationships.

The framework for “The 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge” is the culmination of my years of study, research and practice, and I’m thrilled to be able to now offer it to you.

Here's a bit more about me and my work:

-> Over 500,000 people read my articles every year and my work has been featured in US News, Business Insider, The Gottman Institute, and more.

-> Over 30,000 people subscribe to my weekly emails on how to find and create healthy and meaningful relationships.

-> In private practice, I've worked with dozens of couples on repairing, strengthening and growing the type of emotional connection that leads to strong, fun and lasting relationships.


WARNING! You May Fall More Deeply In Love

An Emotionally Connected Relationship is a Secure Relationship

The research on lasting, fulfilling, happy relationships is clear: The quality of our emotional connection with our partners has a deep impact, in multiple areas in our lives — self-esteem, physical health, happiness, personal success, and more. How we feel and how we show up in life is intricately tied to the emotional connection — weak or strong! — that we cultivate and grow in our relationship.

Isn't it time you stop feeling lonely and unappreciated? Start feeling important, valued, and loved today, through strengthening the bond in your relationship.


The 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge combines the very best research with proven emotional connection strategies, that I have personally used with the many couples I see in my practice. I've watched, time and again, couples who began our work together feeling disconnected, lonely, and frustrated, turn their relationships around and achieve wonderful results through the exercises we use in the 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge. If for any reason, however, The 7-Day Emotional Connection Challenge doesn't work for you, please let me know. I'll gladly offer you a full refund, within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the challenge take?
Each adventure will take at least 15 minutes to complete, each day. There is an option to go longer each day, if you want to practice further and go deeper..
My partner and I are busy. Can we still take the challenge?
The challenges are designed to be fun, energizing, and effective in a short period of time. Meaning, if you have children, busy schedules, and careers, making time for the challenge will be easy.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you need and across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, just contact us in the first 30 days, and we will give you a full refund.
What format is the challenge content delivered?
The challenge is a 7-day course that includes an audio recording, exercise worksheets, plus bonuses!

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